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Create a community-led vision for the Dartmouth waterfront to disperse visitation

The Dartmouth waterfront continues to come to life creating a great place to gather, explore and experience our dynamic ocean history and culture. A community-led vision could further explore the potential expansion of a cruise berthing facility.


Current Stage


    Discovery & Scoping
    To advance to the next stage, the project concept must be developed.

Next Stage


    Community engagement to further discuss opportunities and plans for inclusive growth


    Mid-term priority


A stand-alone plan for Downtown Dartmouth has been recognized as an important component of a regional growth strategy for the Halifax Regional Municipality. The development of that plan requires the involvement of the community to ensure it is based on public values. Since its inception in 1976, Develop Nova Scotia (formerly Waterfront Development Corporation Limited) have become leaders in improvements to working waterfronts based on community engagement. They are uniquely positioned to work with Halifax Regional Municipality and other partners to collaborate on further development for the Dartmouth waterfront.

For example, in 2019 the municipality and Develop Nova Scotia partnered together to manage Alderney wharf and introduced day berths which made “dock and dine” possible in Downtown Dartmouth. As our success as a destination is incredibly linked to our ocean advantage, this type of innovation will help build on the potential of the marine tourism market.

If appropriate, there is also the potential to consider a cruise berthing facility that could help make it easier for visitors to get here and get around to experience other waterfront communities, and in particular open up access to Eastern Shore locations. This will be critical to the region’s recovery, as well as working towards managed and sustainable future growth for the cruise industry.

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