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As part of the work to develop Halifax’s ITMP, a destination competency assessment was completed. The following highlights some key findings in the areas of enabling environment, market investment, infrastructure and products and experiences.

ITMP Kick-off Video

Halifax's ITMP was developed in collaboration with partners, stakeholders, and the community. Check out our ITMP Launch Kick-off video to get a sense of the results of this work.

The Master Plan Framework was refined through several working sessions with the ITMP Advisory Committee and project leads. The “sweet spot” for the ITMP is creating wealth for all stakeholders. Citizens benefit from growing the tax base and sales taxes, industry and hotels benefit from increased revenues, and inclusive employment contributes to a stronger economy and increased exports.

Vision and Goals

Our Vision

To be widely recognized as the favourite city in Canada.

Working together, the Halifax region will harness our local culture to build and promote a model, sustainable tourism destination. By remaining authentic to our heritage and Halifax’s distinct vibe, diversity, creativity, and talent, we will share our unique communities and a quality of life that is deeply connected to our ocean advantage.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles for the Halifax Integrated Tourism Master Plan:

  • Take a “community-first” approach, reflecting the value and diversity of the region and recognizing the social and environmental impacts of tourism on our communities.
  • Support a competitive lens for decision making, while at the same time pursuing inclusive growth.
  • Recognize that decisions made for Halifax as a tourism destination can impact the rest of the Province and the Atlantic region and provide due consideration of these impacts.
  • Leverage collaboration throughout the tourism ecosystem locally, regionally, and nationally.


Our goals, which are aligned with our guiding principles, are to:

  • Grow tourism revenues (higher-spend visitors, longer stays, higher low-season occupancy)
  • Grow tourism employment
  • Enrich the lives of residents
  • Align with related strategies


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Build and Enhance Halifax's Key Demand

With the right strategy Halifax can build on its' best assets: our signature tourism icons, historic places, ocean advantage, and our natural, outdoor resources.

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Attract highest yield and growth markets

Halifax’s history, culture, music, and culinary experiences are world class, or have world-class potential. We just need to share our story with the rest of the country and the world.

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Make it easy to get here and visit

Travel is more than transportation. Public washrooms, rental vehicles, public transportation, ride-sharing, online services and bike paths will help make it easier to visit, while also benefitting citizens.


Be vibrant and alive 365

The availability of year-round, outdoor experiences would immediately expand economic opportunities through tourism. Halifax can embrace our Canadian identity and develop successful all-weather experiences.

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Develop responsible tourism

We must respect and protect the environment and the ancestral land of the Mi’kmaq. Global citizens look for destinations that share these values and mitigate environmental impacts. Above all, they look for destinations that are safe.

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Establish, Identify, Appoint Tourism Leadership

An opportunity exists to establish, identify, and appoint leadership to help improve processes, event approval and activation, availability and cost for performance space, and related regulations.

Action Plan

The development of the ITMP revealed a long list of initiatives being pursued in the name of “tourism development” and/or with business plans noting “tourism” as a key economic benefit.

In developing the ITMP Action Plan, all proposed initiatives were assessed in relation to the ITMP strategic themes, as well as the destination assessment.

Any initiatives that were aligned were further assessed in terms of “Potential & Impact”
as well as “Ability to Influence & Action”. Those initiatives that were not aligned with the ITMP may be revisited as the destination continues to evolve.

Of course, these projects are dynamic and evolving and each project is at a different stage of development. The plan should be considered a living document and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure priorities are still aligned with current needs. Included in this are considerations related to the industry’s recovery from COVID-19 and the ongoing protection of people from future outbreaks.

A community-first approach to tourism

Providing a vision for tourism in Halifax. This plan is how we will all get there, together.

Download the ITMP Summary Report