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The Board of Directors for Discover Halifax is composed of fifteen (15) members: eight (8) members from the general membership; two (2) prescribed by Bylaw 5.04 and five (5) appointed Directors.

These include:

(i) The Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality or a designate;

(ii) An individual appointed by the Council of the Halifax Regional Municipality

(iii) The Chief Administrative Officer of the Halifax Regional Municipality, or a designate;

(iv) The President of the Hotel Association of Nova Scotia, or a designate;

(v) The Chief Executive Officer of the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency or a designate

Bylaw 5.04:Two (2) positions on the Board of Directors shall be elected from members who provide accommodation services outside the current districts 7 and 8 of the Halifax Regional Municipality.  One (1) position is reserved for a facility that has between 20 and 99 rooms and one (1) position is reserved for a facility that has 20+ rooms.

Interested in joining the Discover Halifax Board of Directors?

Directors of Discover Halifax must be compliant with By-Law 5.02 holding a membership in good standing or By-Law 5.04 for appointed Directors.

For the annual Director election process, members electing a slate of Directors recommended by the current Board of Directors using guidance from the Governance Committee who encompass the role of nominations. There is a maximum of 10 Directors elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held in the Spring of each year and a maximum of five appointed positions on the Board as prescribed by the Bylaws. Board terms are typically two years in duration with the maximum time-frame on the Board being the lesser of nine years or three terms.