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The Board of Directors for Discover Halifax is composed of fifteen (15) members: eight (8) members from the general membership; two (2) prescribed by Bylaw 5.04 and five (5) appointed Directors.

These include:

(i) The Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality or a designate;

(ii) An individual appointed by the Council of the Halifax Regional Municipality

(iii) The Chief Administrative Officer of the Halifax Regional Municipality, or a designate;

(iv) The President of the Hotel Association of Nova Scotia, or a designate;

(v) The Chief Executive Officer of the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency or a designate

Bylaw 5.04:Two (2) positions on the Board of Directors shall be elected from members who provide accommodation services outside the current districts 7 and 8 of the Halifax Regional Municipality.  One (1) position is reserved for a facility that has between 20 and 99 rooms and one (1) position is reserved for a facility that has 20+ rooms.

Interested in joining the Discover Halifax Board of Directors?

Directors of Discover Halifax must be compliant with By-Law 5.02 holding a membership in good standing or By-Law 5.04 for appointed Directors.

For the annual Director election process, members electing a slate of Directors recommended by the current Board of Directors using guidance from the Governance Committee who encompass the role of nominations. There is a maximum of 10 Directors elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held in the Spring of each year and a maximum of five appointed positions on the Board as prescribed by the Bylaws. Board terms are typically three years in duration with the maximum time-frame on the Board being the lesser of nine years or three terms.


How to apply:

To submit your application, please email your completed Nomination Package to Angela Petry on or before March 15, 2021.

If you have any questions about applying to join the Board of Directors, please contact us.