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We want to share your experiences and tell our stories as a destination!

The Discover Halifax membership program exists to promote the many wonderful experiences and products in the Halifax Region to millions of visitors each year. Working with the community and creating a strong membership base is imperative to our collective success. A membership with Discover Halifax provides a simple and cost-effective way to reach millions of visitors and help you stay connected.

Discover Halifax is proud to offer a single membership that is:

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Costs Nothing to Join

Membership with Discover Halifax allows businesses to...

Reach Highly Qualified Visitors

Our collection of visitor solutions reach millions of engaged visitors each year. We provide access to these visitors through visibility in various channels – many of which are free with your membership. For more information, download our Membership information sheet.

Be Part Of The Tourism Community

You will become part of a community of nearly 500 businesses and growing, throughout Halifax's 210+ communities. Stay up-to-date on industry trends and what’s happening in Halifax, while making local connections. For more information, download our Membership information sheet.

Discover Halifax is also pleased to offer additional MEMBER ONLY paid advertising opportunities that will boost your visibility. Our tools reach visitors in high traffic locations. Let us work together to help you reach your customers.

Convention Centre

Are you looking to reach the Meetings & Conventions market?

There are a few options when it comes to Meetings & Conventions:

  • Hotels & Venues:
    • Get leads and referrals based on client/meeting type and need
    • Stay connected and informed
    • Promotion with the meetings and conventions market
    • Priority access to attend familiarization trips, trade shows, and client events

Cost: $17/room (HRM Core), $8/Room (HRM Non-Core), $0.02 Sq.Foot (Venues)

  • All other members: You will be able to sign-up to receive valuable information for this market soon! This is a free service that comes with your membership, if you chose to sign up for it. You'll receive exclusive information such as:
    • Events that are coming to Halifax
    • Strategies we are using to attract events
    • Opportunities to become more involved
    • Potential leads for your business

Is your business located within the Province but beyond the Halifax region? If so, you may still qualify as a Provincial Affiliate with Discover Halifax. You get similar benefits to our members with the exception of casting a vote at our annual AGM. The cost involved in becoming a Provincial Affiliate are as follows:

  • Flat rate of $400
  • If you are a Meetings & Conventions Accommodations Partner, the cost is $400 + $17/room.
  • If you are a Meetings & Conventions Venue Partner, the cost is $400 + $0.02/sq foot.

Become a Member

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