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We all have a role to play in helping make this incredible region known as Halifax—on the ancestral land of the Mi’kmaq known as Kjipuktuk—become widely recognized as the favourite city in Canada. This document outlines how we can make this possible, together.

Smart communities understand that an unforgettable experience as a visitor is the best way to attract the finest talent, a future neighbour, colleague, or friend.

And we’re really good at making life-long friends. We have a reputation around the world as friendly, fun, and authentic. Visitors choose Halifax for lots different reasons, including visiting family and friends. So as residents, we have an important role to play when it comes to making a great first impression.

We’ve already accomplished a lot together and united under one plan we can do a lot more. We can protect our natural landscapes, improve our parks and recreational experiences, and determine what investments will make our communities better for visitors and residents.

What is the Integrated Tourism Master Plan?

The Integrated Tourism Master Plan (ITMP) will support and grow our local tourism industry. Through the plan, we have an opportunity to shape economic growth, build a bright future, and build better communities for visitors and residents. This investment in tourism will help the industry recover and thrive over the next five years and beyond.

The work included research, asset mapping, planning, community engagement, project management, communications, and marketing costs.

A community-first approach

By promoting the Halifax region as a destination of choice for leisure and business travellers, and following the plan for growth, we can build a better place for everyone, not just tourists.

Together, we can reach our shared potential to be globally recognized as the favourite city in Canada.

Economic impacts of the plan

Halifax has tremendous potential for economic growth through tourism. We typically welcome 5.3 million overnight stays every year, our seventh year of growth in a row, and visitors spend an estimated $1.3 billion a year.

Additionally, approximately 34,000 people work in tourism at 4,000 businesses throughout Halifax who all help contribute to the local economy. Supporting tourism growth through the Plan will help Halifax reach its goal to grow the GDP to $30 billion by 2031.

A community-first approach to tourism

Providing a vision for tourism in Halifax. This plan is how we will all get there, together.

Download the ITMP Summary Report