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Develop and enhance culinary experience program

Halifax’s reputation as a culinary mecca grows and diversifies by celebrating its relationship with the sea and its people.


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    To advance, the business case must be developed and approved. A sponsor should be identified, or a project manager assigned. Resources are approved and allocated.

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The ITMP recognizes the need to grow tourism in the low, or what is called “shoulder” seasons. In a survey of past visitors, one of the top reasons why people (mainly Maritime residents) came to Halifax was to enjoy “local culinary experiences”. The focus for this initiative is local food, and seafood in particular. Building on that, Discover Halifax created the Heart. Soul. Halifax! campaign in the summer of 2020. In part, the campaign encouraged people to support the unique array of local food offerings like the Lobster Rolls & Secret Shores and Thanksgiving Weekend Getaway itineraries.

The Culinary Trails program continues to get provincial, national, and international attention as a best practice in culinary tourism product development. New this year - a mobile App with three Culinary Trails for Good Cheer, Chowder, and Lobster is under development by Taste of Nova Scotia.

Food and drink will continue to draw travellers to Halifax and appealing to their taste buds will support immediate recovery efforts and build for a better future. In addition, Canada’s Tourism Strategy recognizes that in order to build tourism nationally, communities should prioritize culinary and farm-to-table experiences. This checks several boxes in other areas, too, such as sustainability and food waste reduction, health and wellness, local economic opportunities, and culinary experiences.

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