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Launch Halifax Music City Strategy

Halifax amps up its success with the development and execution of the Music City Strategy.


Current Stage


    To advance, the business case must be developed and approved. A sponsor should be identified, or a project manager assigned. Resources are approved and allocated.

Next Stage


    First-term priority


In 2019, community leaders interested in the development of a live music strategy formed a working group to help realize the economic and social benefits for the community. This is further supported through the province’s Culture Action Plan, which focused on growing the creative economy.

The Music City Strategy is needed now more than ever as the creative industries were some of the hardest hit in 2020. Other cities like Seattle, Glasgow, Dublin, Austin, Portland, Birmingham, Memphis, Toronto and Detroit (to name just a few) have revitalized communities by supporting a vibrant music economy. Halifax is well-positioned to advance and step to its own beat.

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