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Evolve Discover Halifax to become backbone organization for Integrated Tourism Master Plan

Halifax differentiates itself as a destination under the guidance of clear leadership and people who are passionate about where they live.


Current Stage


    Benefits Realized
    At this stage, the project has been completed, either partially or fully, and the benefits are being captured.

Next Stage


The development of the ITMP identified the need for a backbone organization to support the community-first approach and to best set the destination up for future success.

It was recognized that Discover Halifax was doing a very good job leading the sales and marketing efforts for the destination, but that the opportunity exists to expand the role of the organization to support the Collective Impact model and reflect best practice in destination development. While Discover Halifax has the independent authority to expand its business model to be a DMO, the current funding model is inadequate and would need to be adjusted accordingly.

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    Halifax Regional Municipality

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