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‘Internet for Nova Scotia’ – improve broadband throughout region

Simply put, local tourism businesses and visitors are connected.


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    To reach the next stage, services should be delivered / the project reaches its completion.

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Like residents, visitors expect high-quality internet and cell service throughout their travel. They use these services to book experiences online, make accommodation reservations, check-in, post and research reviews, and access maps for directions and to get around, to list a few examples. In Halifax, visitors can access free Wifi at several locations including along the Halifax and Dartmouth waterfronts, in Grand Parade Square, at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, as well as most hotels and coffee shops. When they do, they are provided with content from Discover Halifax to help them find attractions and local tourism businesses.

Smart destinations, like Nova Scotia, are investing to improve these essential services. Develop Nova Scotia is leading this effort through the Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative with the goal of providing access to high-speed Internet to 97 per cent of Nova Scotian homes and businesses. In Halifax, projects in Ecum Secum, Middle Musquodoboit, Sheet Harbour, Tangier, Upper Musquodoboit are all underway. Additional projects for Musquodoboit Harbour, Lake Charlotte, Goffs and Chezzetcook have been announced, while Elmsdale and Prospect Road have been completed.

This will be a critical part of the tourism industry’s recovery as businesses continue to invest in online sales, bookings and purchases. There have been several efforts to support businesses making the move online in 2020 but reliable service is paramount.

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