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Increase the availability of public washrooms throughout the region

Visitors can easily find accessible, clean public washrooms wherever they choose to explore in the region.


Current Stage


    Discovery & Scoping
    To advance to the next stage, the project concept must be developed.

Next Stage


    First-term priority


Throughout the ITMP consultations, access to public washrooms throughout the region came up as an issue impacting a visitor’s experience. This was particularly a problem in rural areas like the Eastern Shore where many businesses operate on a well system making it difficult to offer public access to a high volume of visitors. The public health demands brought on by a global pandemic have only heightened the necessity that the Halifax region improves access to sanitary washrooms with consideration to accessibility, signage, touchless features, and gender-neutral facilities.

The Halifax Regional Municipality has made progress in 2020 in this area developing a decision-making process for park washroom improvements. In August, the Municipality also added a point representation to the Open Data Map so people will know the location of public washrooms available for use. More work is needed to address this issue for residents and visitors alike.

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