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Implement the Wild Islands Plan

The Musquodoboit Harbour-Sherbrooke area has the potential international recognition as a world-class, one-of-a-kind Canadian coastal touring and activity-engaging experience. It brings truth to the Destination Canada brand promise of ‘vibrant cities on the edge of nature’.


Current Stage


    To advance, the business case must be developed and approved. A sponsor should be identified, or a project manager assigned. Resources are approved and allocated.

Next Stage


    Pursue the 10 projects within the Wild Islands Plan


    International recognition as a unique coastal experience in Canada


Research shows that one of the most sought-after experiences for visitors to the Halifax region is access to the pristine islands that surround our coastline. Building on this demand, and the success of the ‘100 Wild Islands’ conservation campaign undertaken by Nova Scotia Nature Trust, the Wild Islands Tourism Advancement Partnership (WITAP) has developed a detailed plan to position the area from Musquodoboit Harbour to Sherbrooke as a one-of-a-kind sustainable tourism destination that is recognized internationally. The plan outlines 10 projects based on the Travel Demand Generator model which, much like the ITMP, recommends that research drives the product development.

The next phase of the Wild Islands Plan implementation was put on hold temporarily in March 2020 as partners focused on the COVID-19 response and recovery. Reactivation of funding applications is planned for 2021. Of note, WITAP endorsed the ‘Wild Islands Coast’ branding which the Destination Eastern and Northern Shores (DEANS) organization rolled out for the region in 2020 under the ‘Coastal Nova Scotia’ master brand.

Wild Island Coast - Master Development Plan
Eastern Shore: Visitor Services Strategy and Gap Analysis

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