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Supporting the development Wije’winen (Reimagined Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre)

Halifax celebrates in the opening of the new Wije’winen (“come with us”) centre where the community can come gather and experience Indigenous culture.


Current Stage


    To reach the next stage, services should be delivered / the project reaches its completion.

Next Stage


In 2018, the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre revealed conceptual drawings of a new 70,000 square foot building to replace its existing centre on Gottingen Street in Halifax. The new centre will be built where the old Canadian Red Cross building sits and has been blessed by elders when work got underway. Halifax Regional Municipal Council has been supportive of the new centre approving the sale of the new location to the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Society in 2017.

The old Red Cross building will be demolished after the new centre is built. Named Wije’winen meaning “come with us”, the new centre is part of an ambitious plan to replace the old facility and better serve the growing and diverse Indigenous urban population. The new centre will also have programming available to broader audiences including visitors. Executive Director, Pam Glode-Desrochers, describes the new centre as being an “iconic building everybody’s going to be proud of” and it will be a prominent home for Indigenous cultural experiences in Halifax that visitors look for and enjoy.

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