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Establish an “Events Attraction Office” to lead implementation of the STAT Pro Report recommendations

Halifax is better resourced to compete and attract strategic events that align with its priority industries and shows a strong return on investment.


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The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CTSA), a non-government, member-based, capacity-building organization, identifies sports tourism as one of the fastest-growing segments of the tourism industry in Canada with approximately $6.8 billion in annual spending by domestic and international visitors. In June 2019, CTSA completed a STAT Pro Report for Halifax that analyzed the destination’s offering as a host city. This included looking at the bidding and hosting process Halifax has based on a 10-step roadmap for hosting events. The report made several recommendations to help Halifax stand out better in this highly competitive space, including establishing an event or bid lead agency. Historically, Halifax has relied on a shared leadership model for event development. Having a lead agency would help Halifax successfully bid on and host events that are planned and purposeful representing a critical part of the region’s recovery and long-term success.

Although it may be several months before restrictions are lifted and Halifax can fully welcome larger events, securing events to select a destination has a long selling process. It is therefore critical that Halifax does not delay its effort to make improvements in this space, or it will miss out on opportunities to welcome events, visitors, and prospective residents, to other destinations with a larger budget and dedicated leadership in this area.

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