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Complete a needs analysis for additional and enhanced outdoor performance venues

Define opportunities to unite the community and entertain people in safe, accessible outdoor venues by undertaking a review on the availability and sustainability of current and future spaces.


Current Stage


    Discovery & Scoping
    To advance to the next stage, the project concept must be developed.

Next Stage


As a destination, one gap we have is access to year-round outdoor experiences particularly concerning access to outdoor, public spaces. Through the ITMP consultation process, event organizers noted that there are numerous challenges to get permission to host events or performances outside, and that the cost to ‘stand-up’ existing venues is expensive. In a post-pandemic era, it is critical that the Halifax events community have good access to well-equipped venues. Removing barriers will facilitate more events for residents and visitors to experience top local talent, sporting events, as well as arts and culture in safe outdoor spaces. Events are a strong draw for the Maritime market and are critically important to Halifax’s social identity and economic recovery.

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