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Implement the Marine Visitation Plan

The Marine Visitation Plan aims to refine the visitor experience and build awareness of Nova Scotia as a destination for marine visitors by enhancing infrastructure that seamlessly connects land and sea for high-yield markets.


Current Stage


    To advance, the business case must be developed and approved. A sponsor should be identified, or a project manager assigned. Resources are approved and allocated.

Next Stage


Infrastructure is one of the four competency pillars of destination management and should enhance the best qualities of the destination to create favourable conditions for tourism growth. In Halifax’s case, access and improvements to the water is critical and we have not fully realized the potential. A 2016 study by the National Marine Manufacturers Association of Canada said the recreational boating industry provided $10 billion in direct and indirect revenues, with $500 million of this revenue in Atlantic Canada.

As one part of its Working Waterfronts focus, Develop Nova Scotia is already working to execute the Marine Visitation Plan. These efforts support numerous applications, from commercial to recreational, as well as making water access and services available to different users including local residents and visitors. There has already been great progress along the Halifax waterfront, including the new Foundation Wharf in the Salt Yard area (opens June 2021), and work is happening for the Sheet Harbour Marina as well. These are just two examples of marine-related projects that build on Halifax’s ocean advantage in a way that will support its economic prosperity.

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