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Action the Halifax Rapid Transit Strategy

Public transportation attracts visitors; it allows them to fully experience the best of Halifax – from the people to the diverse communities – and minimize environmental impacts.


Current Stage


    To reach the next stage, services should be delivered / the project reaches its completion.

Next Stage


Halifax Regional Municipality is investing in reliable public transportation with Council voting unanimously in favour of the Rapid Transit Strategy on May 26, 2020. The aim, according to the municipality, is to get you where you want to go, when you want to go, faster and more frequently – seven days a week. Additionally, the strategy helps the city shift to a more sustainable transportation system to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts are coming at a time when the municipality is experiencing significant growth with unprecedented housing sales, interprovincial migration, and a record number of approved immigration applications.

Transportation will remain a key factor for residents, but equally so for visitors. As noted by one respondent during ITMP research which identified our current transit options as a weakness, “world-class tourist destinations need reliable, efficient public transit.” Expediting this work will continue to make Halifax a great place to live, and that also makes it a great place to visit. In addition to considering how easy a destination is to get to and get around, more and more tourists are taking environmental considerations into account when planning their trip, and Halifax needs to showcase that it shares these values.

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