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Develop business case for increased marketing investment in fly markets

Appropriate investments are made to recover lost air access and connect Atlantic Canada to the world.


Current Stage


    Discovery & Scoping
    To advance to the next stage, the project concept must be developed.

Next Stage


    First-term priority


    Market research


Halifax International Airport was the eighth busiest airport in Canada, and the largest in Atlantic Canada prior to COVID-19. The catastrophic loss of access to air service impacts, not just the Halifax region and the Province of Nova Scotia, it negatively impacts the whole of Atlantic Canada. This is a complex issue with many unknowns, but one certainty is that business will not simply rebound once demand returns. There are capacity issues to address including the financial viability of airline partners that will have to determine which markets can the speed of its own business recovery.

Additionally, Discover Halifax has traditionally marketed the region exclusively to travellers who drive here. There is a strong opportunity for the Halifax brand to be elevated to national and select international markets in the future if we build the business case. This will position Halifax as a global city and keep Atlantic Canada connected to the world.

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