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Awareness dinners inspire Haligonians to Take the Lead

Last month, Discover Halifax's group sales team hosted four Take the Lead (TTL) program awareness dinners, a program designed to inspire Haligonians to champion events for our city.

Held at Anemone Dining, the focus of the dinners were the importance of local support when it comes to securing international conferences, as well as the benefits of hosting in Halifax. A number of promising leads have emerged as a result, heralding an even brighter future for Halifax as a host city in 2024 and beyond!

These dinners were hosted while our local TTL media campaign was in market. You may have seen billboards and digital ads, or heard the radio spots introducing the program and encouraging our local leaders to learn more. That campaign garnered millions of impressions during its six weeks.

Whether through personal, professional, or associative interests, everyone is a potential Take the Lead champion! Visit