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New Discover Halifax campaign welcomes Atlantic Canadians back by reminding them of why they love Halifax while introducing them to what's new.

June 2, 2022 - Halifax, NS: Discover Halifax is inviting Atlantic Canadians back, by reminding them of why they love Halifax, embracing what makes it different and introducing them to what’s new.

The new campaign, titled “It’s time we hung out again”, will run across Atlantic Canada for the coming months. Research shows that Halifax is Atlantic Canadians’ top city to visit this year, that they’ll visit year-round, and that they consider themselves local when they come.

And while 91% of Atlantic Canadians have visited Halifax before, most Atlantic Canadians have not visited Halifax in at least three years, during which time much has changed. This is why now is the perfect time to visit.

“Halifax, has always been a favourite destination among Atlantic Canadians. And while so much is changing, our favourite Halifax features are still here to explore. There’s never been a better time to visit our beautiful region,” says Ross Jefferson, President and CEO of Discover Halifax.

Forging a new path

This campaign marks the first time in years that new creative has been conceptualized, scripted, shot and produced at Discover Halifax. With so much of the city, its skyline, and its personality changing, new materials were invested in to differentiate the city from other regional destinations.

“The campaign is a compilation of bite-sized stories about Halifax,” says Clare Tidby, VP Marketing and Visitor Experience with Discover Halifax. “These stories celebrate what makes us unique and familiar to our target, like donairs, the access to the ocean, the fog. It also introduces our audience to exciting additions to our city and shows how we’re evolving. We’re so happy to welcome our Atlantic Canadian visitors back to Halifax – we just need to remind them of the things they’ve been missing.”

In partnership with Mirror Image Media, five 15-second vignettes were created. Photographer Riaz Oozeer was commissioned for stills to be utilized as the hero digital display assets. These materials will be featured in television, cinema, social media, YouTube, and programmatic display and video. Trampoline Branding has planned and executed the media for the campaign.

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About Discover Halifax:

Discover Halifax is a non-profit, membership-based marketing and sales organization in partnership with the Halifax regional government, the Hotel Association of Nova Scotia and participating industry members. Since its inception in 2002, Discover Halifax’s goal is to promote Halifax as a destination of choice for leisure and business travelers.

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Clare Tidby

VP, Marketing and Visitor Experience