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The Halifax Kids' campaign aims to encourage families to visit Halifax this year.

Discover Halifax recently launched the Halifax Kids’ campaign to encourage families to visit Halifax this year. As part of the campaign, the newly created Halifax Kids’ Guide is the perfect planning tool to help families create a memorably family-friendly trip to Halifax. The Halifax Kids’ campaign runs in Atlantic Canada until March 31st. The campaign will also be in Ontario beginning March 7th.

The campaign was created based on research and insight that suggested families viewed Halifax as a place for kids and were looking for family activities. Several key pieces of data and insight were used to inform the creation of the Halifax Kids' campaign and guide.

  • The family-focused affinity category is consistently one of the largest subsegments of people on, showing that families come to Discover Halifax for tools and resources about family travel. (Google Analytics)
  • 2021 research conducted in key markets showed that people consider Halifax a good place for kid-friendly activities. (Leger Research)
  • According to the same 2021 research, we also learned that families are more likely to consider Halifax a year-round destination than the general population. (Leger Research)

The Halifax Kids’ Guide is full of fun, family activities in Halifax all year long. It offers a mix of free (beaches, hikes, Halifax common- and green-spaces) and paid activities (Discovery Centre, museums, Hatfield farms). The guide also includes businesses that offer kid favourites like ice cream and candy shops, toys, books, and more. It was designed by locals as a resource to help parents plan family activities and engage kids with interactive content.

The guide includes a mix of play and education with content like colouring pages, jokes, postcards, word searches, and spotting differences. It also includes learning and language activities such as providing a Mi’kmaq word guide.

The Halifax Kids’ Guide joins the suite of visitor guides, like the Official Halifax Visitor Guide and interactive maps created by Discover Halifax. The guide is available on, and 40,000 copies will be printed and in circulation through the Halifax region.