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A new digital wayfinding tool launched by Discover Halifax will help visitors discover their love of the Halifax region.

As tourism numbers increase during these summer months, so too does the proportion of first-time visitors to the region. Discover Halifax provides a variety of tools to help visitors enjoy their stay, including the Official Visitor’s Guide, the Halifax Kids' Guide, the website, maps, hotel room television content, public WIFI and kiosks. This July, Discover Halifax’s new tool will create a form of digital wayfinding that tourists can interact with as they explore the downtown core.

Discover Halifax has sourced three vacant window spaces on Barrington Street, where a showcase of constantly updating information is projected 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for two months. It features local attractions, upcoming events, and important information that might be valuable to visitors. This tool will help visitors better experience both their immediate surroundings (showing activities and events within walking distance of the Barrington Street location), along with must-see attractions and experiences in all nine regions of Halifax.

“We’re constantly striving to find innovative ways to help our visitors connect with our partner and member organizations throughout the region,” says Clare Tidby, VP, Marketing & Visitor Experience at Discover Halifax. “We know this will help visitors fall even more in love with Halifax during their stay, make them want to return, and to tell others to come.”

The Discover Halifax team is working in partnership with Trampoline Branding to curate and create the most relevant content on an ongoing basis. In practice, this means that each week’s events will be featured, piquing passersby’s interest to help them make the most of their stay (and drive foot traffic to festivals, events, and member organizations).

“Working with Discover Halifax represents a series of firsts for our technology: the first time it’s been employed east of Montreal, and the first use of it for visitor experience and wayfinding purposes,” says Elizabeth Crisante, Partner, Frontrunner Technologies. “We’re so excited to be partnering with Discover Halifax, to not only deploy real-time event and weather updates, but to also assist in the short-term uplift of vacant retail space. It is a win-win for the organization, the landlord, the attractions that are featured, and the traveler looking to explore the wonders of Halifax”.

This program is partially funded by ACOA, and supported by revenue generated by Discover Halifax through the visitor experience program.

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