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Implement the Peggys Cove Master Plan

The community of Peggys Cove achieves its vision as a beautiful, world-class fishing village managed with a community-first approach that can accommodate tourism demands so visitors enjoy their experience and learn about the “real” Peggys Cove.


Current Stage


    To reach the next stage, services should be delivered / the project reaches its completion.

Next Stage


    Infrastructure improvements are completed with minimized disruption to residents.


    First-term priority


Tourism icons can help a destination stand out from other popular visitor sites, and there is no question that Peggys Cove does this for Nova Scotia. The 2017 Visitor Exit Survey shows that 40 per cent of out-of-province leisure travellers visit the iconic site. In a typical year, the small community welcomes 700,000 visitors presenting complications for residents and visitors alike. The consultants working on the ITMP found that some visitors were disappointed with their experience at Peggys Cove because of overcrowding, a lack of access to local experiences, like music and food, as well as a lack of available washrooms along the route.

Develop Nova Scotia is leading the completion of the Peggys Cove Master Plan that is largely driven by residents and will address some of these issues. This is a critical ITMP project to be completed as a first-term priority to build and enhance tourism infrastructure at a time when travel has been restricted due the pandemic. When these restrictions are lifted, it is important that the region is ready to welcome people back to a new and improved Peggys Cove experience.

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